David Cornwell spent the Peach Bowl media day sprawled out underneath a table, only his crimson sneakers poking out.

One of Alabama’s two outgoing quarterbacks, Cornwell had serious business: Finishing up the last two episodes of the HBO series “Westworld.” But when a reporter asked fellow QB Cooper Bateman if his buddy was available to chat, Cornwell beckoned him to “come into my office.”

“I’m trying to finish it up,” he said. “I’m kind of on a bender right now. I’ve been watching it pretty seriously. Cooper got me hooked on me. It’s a great show. I can’t wait to finish it.”

Both quarterbacks are set to finish their Alabama careers. With freshman Jalen Hurts firmly entrenched in the starting job, both have opted to transfer in search of playing time and another crack at the starting job.

 “Easy decision,” said Bateman, who will be a graduate transfer. “I love the game. I like playing it more than I like watching it.”

Cornwell said it was a tougher call for him.

“I obviously chose it out of high school and stuck with it from the start,” he said. “It was tough to leave. I’ll miss coach (Nick) Saban, miss coach (Lane) Kiffin. But this is the next chapter my life. That was the decision I came to with my family and my coaches. I felt like this was the best decision for me.”

Both said they still haven’t settled on a destination and didn’t want to disclose the contenders.

Then it was time to get back to “Westworld.”

“Please close the door on your way out,” Cornwell said.