Alabama freshman offensive lineman Dayne Shor has entered the transfer portal, citing mental health issues.

Shor issued a statement on Twitter explaining that he has battled depression and anxiety and experienced suicidal thoughts in recent years. He said he is seeking a fresh start.

“Two years ago, I was fighting for my life against mental illness,” Shor said in the two-page Twitter message. “It is safe to say that every day I was suffering with living in darkness, with pain and with sadness.

“The feeling of wanting to take your own life is a feeling like no other, and a feeling that I would wish no one else to ever feel. The voices in my head would often take control of my life.”

He said he received help from a Herren Project substance abuse treatment facility in Massachusetts. The group was founded by former professional basketball player Chris Herren.

Shor said the struggles were most pronounced during his recruitment as a three-star prospect from Alpharetta, Georgia.

“Outside of football, I was struggling immensely,” he wrote. “I have been told that I’m lucky to be alive.

“In my heart, I know that football has ultimately saved my life as it gave me the motivation, determination and power to keep going.”


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