AP Photo/David Goldman

It’s a big time for the Ridley family.

Alabama star wide receiver Calvin Ridley and brother, Georgia’s Riley, are set to play in the national championship game.

Calvin Ridley has suspicions that his family is rooting for his little brother but they can savor the moment either way.

“They really don't care,” Calvin said. “We both made it this far in life. It's just beautiful. It's awesome.”

AP Photo/David Goldman

Says Riley:  “I know my mom is rooting for us. I wouldn’t say what my little brothers are rooting for.”

The brothers grew up competing at every sport and Calvin said they’re pretty even. His brother’s full name is even Cavin Riley Ridley.

He switched to going by Riley once he got to Georgia and that’s what his mother called him, anyway. Riley Ridley, who was recruited by Alabama, is a sophomore reserve. They’re both looking forward to playing in a title game, a first for Riley and Calvin’s third.

”I think playing your brother, it's probably the best thing,” Riley Ridley said. “It's the greatest accomplishment that both brothers are in this game. You get to play your own brother in this game. That's amazing.”