Building a new stadium has its benefits.
Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, the driving force behind Mercedes-Benz Stadium, handled the coin flip before the game between No. 1 Alabama and No. 3 Florida State.
"I haven't flipped a coin in like forever, so I've been practicing flipping the coin," Blank quipped before the game. "I hope I don't mess it up."
No problem.
Blank also got a chance to walk around the stadium, giving him a first-hand look at how everything was operating. This was the first big test for the $1.5 billion facility, though it has hosted two NFL preseason games. 
"This is the first event we've had here where we're going to project 70,000-plus in the building, and to see how well they were moving around the concourses, to see how well they were on the outside, how well the gates were working, how well the food, concession stands were working, the drink concessions stands were working, to see the smiles on everybody's faces," Blank said.
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"There wasn't a lot of people being pushed around and what have you. So all the escalators, all the extra elevators, all the things we had planned on to double and triple the capacity, not of the building in terms of attendance, but in terms of ability to move people around the concourses and have them be able to circulate concourse 100, 200 and 300 completely, I think all of that is showing very well tonight, so I'm excited about that."
One thing isn't operating just yet.
Though it was a beautiful night, with temperatures at kickoff in the 70s, the retractable roof was closed. So far, the complex structure _ which looks a camera lens _ doesn't open and close fast enough to be used in a game.
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"It's not a question is it opening and closing. It opens and closes," Blank said. "We have to get it down to a time frame that's tighter than _ as we first envisioned it and what it currently is today _ but we're making a lot of progress. We anticipate during the fall the roof will open and close, we'll be playing a number of games here that the roof will be open."