BRIGHAM CITY, Utah (AP) — A former Utah State University football player convicted of sexually assaulting six women was sentenced Wednesday to 26 years to life in prison during a hearing in which the judge called his actions "horrendous" and told his victims he believed them.

Torrey Green, 25, was accused by six women of being sexually assaulted while on dates with him between 2013-2015, and jurors convicted him in January of crimes that included raping five women and sexual battery of a sixth.

Utah district judge Brian Cannell said during the sentencing in the northern Utah city of Brigham City that he was disappointed that Green never showed remorse, The Salt Lake Tribune reported .

"What you did was horrendous," Cannell said. "In the eyes of the law, you are a serial rapist. They didn't want it. They didn't like it."

Green again denied the allegations during the sentencing, echoing the claim he made during the trial that the sexual encounters either were consensual or didn't happen. Green cried while saying he wasn't a "monster" as he was portrayed.

"I am horrified at the way these women describe my encounters with each of them," Green said. "I don't know why these six believe that I am capable of raping them. This was all consensual. And I am so very sorry that they didn't feel the same."

Green, of Rubidoux, California, signed as a rookie lineman for the Atlanta Falcons in 2016 after his college career ended, but the NFL team dropped him that same year after the allegations surfaced.

Most of the sentences imposed Wednesday by for Torrey Green will run consecutively, with some to run concurrently.

Skye Lazaro, Green's attorney, asked the judge to give Green five years to life, but prosecutor Spencer Walsh countered that Green should serve time for each crime, or it would be a "terrible message" to the victims.

"The defendant sexually assaulted six women," Walsh said. "Six separate and unique individuals. Six human beings. Six lives that were traumatized and forever changed."

Before he handed down his sentence, Judge Cannell looked at the six victims seated in the courtroom and said, "I believe you."