Bethune-Cookman and Miami should be having a concert instead of a football game.

For the opener between the Hurricanes and the Wildcats, there's a Tupac, a Shakur, a Montel Jordan, and a full Jackson Five _ we're serious _ on the rosters.

Bethune-Cookman features a running back named Tupac Isme, a wideout named Shakur Nesmith and a lineman named Montel Jordan (with apologies to the Montell Jordan of "This Is How We Do It" fame). Miami has a Michael Jackson and a Joe Jackson _ along with a Demetrius Jackson, to go along with Bethune's Cedric Jackson and Dajuan Jackson.

Yes, that's a Jackson Five.

And none of this even takes into account the talents of Miami defensive lineman Chad Thomas _ who goes by Major Nine and is already an entity in the hip-hop world, maybe most notable for producing for the likes of Drake, DJ Khaled and Rick Ross.

Of course, to play all this music, one would need a DJ or a DeeJay _ and Miami has one of each, with DJ Johnson and DeeJay Dallas on the roster.