Texas defensive lineman Poona Ford (95) blocks a PAT attempt by Maryland's Adam Greene (3) during the first half of Saturday's game. (AP Photo/Michael Thomas)

Two of the points of emphasis by officials have had a minimal effect duirng college football's opening weekend.

At least six teams have been issued sideline warnings or penalties. All of the calls have been for teams either crowding the sidelines or leaving the team area. Coaches have been on their best behavior though. The rule has come into play because coaches could receive a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for coming out to the field to question or protest decisions. Two unsportsmanlike calls would lead to an ejection.

An unofficial tally going into the Saturday evening games has Arizona State, Minnesota, North Carolina State, Florida Atlantic, Colorado State and Texas receiving either sideline warnings or penalties. Florida Atlantic's came during its game on Friday following the first touchdown of the Lane Kiffin era.

The other big change comes on extra point and field goal attempts. Players can no longer run and jump over the offensive line in their attempt to block the kick. Texas was penalized during the first quarter on a PAT attempt against Maryland.

Maryland did not get a sideline warning, but came prepared with one of its own: